24 Best Things to Do in Grand Haven (MI)

24 Best Things to Do in Grand Haven (MI)

Grand Haven is known for its stunning sandy shores along this scenic landscape. It is one of the most romantic places to visit in all of Michigan, and visitors flock here as there are plenty of things to do in Grand Haven for everyone.

Grand Haven coaxes with beautiful sea shores, clear waters, and grand scenes as though you’ve gone on an outing to paradise.

Sea shores, lakes, and nature trails can give you inward harmony, and with a populace of nearly eleven thousand, Grand Haven matches the depiction of an ideal escape.

Get the opportunity to encounter the best activities in Grand Haven, MI, by exploring this list of fun things to do in Grand Haven, MI. Let’s get started!

Things to Do in Grand Haven, MI

1. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan
Credits: Steven Heim / Shutterstock
Lake Michigan

With its gigantic size, Lake Michigan borders four states — Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin and it’s a mind-blowing feat.

It is the third biggest among the five Great Lakes of North America by surface region, with 22,300 square miles.

Grand Haven awards you an all-entrance pass to a marvelous perspective on Lake Michigan and is worth adding to your list of fun things to do in Grand Haven, MI.

From the sea shores, nearby parks, to the tall structures confronting the lake, you’ll never run out of places to check out the magnificent view.

Gaze at the shining blue waters of Lake Michigan from some of Grand Haven’s most incredible attractions you can visit.

Whether it’s late spring or winter, the lake offers you an incredible sight. Dunk into the water to expand the ocean side insight.

Address: 1001 Harbor Ave. Grand Haven, MI 49417

2. Grand Haven State Park

Grand Haven State Park
Credits: Kyle Schippa / Shutterstock
Grand Haven State Park

For all those who can’t get enough of the beach and its beautiful scenery as well as its fresh air, Grand Haven State Park awaits.

Grand Haven State Park is the place to be if you’re looking forward to a family day out with your loved ones and need a place to unwind.

One unmistakable feature of the Grand Haven State Park is its beautiful blue skies that have a calming effect on its observers.

The beautiful Lake Michigan can also be seen from within the park, making it a great location to spend time and enjoy beautiful scenery.

The park has convenience rooms available for those who need to use the restroom, so visitors need not worry.

From clear blue skies to beautiful sunsets and a sandy beach environment, the Grand Haven State Park is the place to be.

Address: 1001 S Harbor Dr, Grand Haven, MI 49417-1746

3. Lighthouse Connector Park

Lighthouse Connector Park
Credits: Caribb / Flickr
Lighthouse Connector Park

Extending 1.5 miles, the Lighthouse Connector Park leads you to the renowned Grand River, where eateries and shops line up.

You should consider adding exploring the footpath to your list of places to visit in Grand Haven, MI, if you desire to spend a lighthearted outing by the waterway.

Unconstrained excursions will not be dull by any means because of the overflow of exercises found in the park.

Go for a walk on the footpath to feel the new breeze coming from the waterway.

To take your vacation experience to the next level, you can consider renting and riding a boat by the park’s shores.

If you favor a less complicated outing, you can continuously sit on the seats or on the verdant part of the footpath to watch the day unfold.

Address: 301 N. Harbor Dr. Grand Haven, MI 49417

4. Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse
Credits: Le Do / Shutterstock
Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse is a beautiful landmark. This light signal lit up the shoreline of Grand Haven beginning around 1839.

Past its stylish worth, the beacons assume a critical part in assisting mariners with exploring the waters even in darkness.

The lighthouse has been among the most photographed light reference points in the Midwest region of the United States.

This is on account of its closeness to the Grand River. If you love photoshoots, this flawless spot could function admirably for you.

To admire nature, you can look at the picturesque view from the Grand Haven State Park or North Shore Drive. Do visit.

Address: 1001 S. Harbor Dr. Grand Haven, MI 49417

5. Kitchel Lindquist Dunes Preserve

Kitchel Lindquist Dunes Preserve
Credits: Song_about_summer / Shutterstock

Uncovered sands, rich green plants, astounding natural life — every one of these is to be anticipated when you visit the Kitchel Lindquist Dunes Preserve.

Kitchel Lindquist Dunes Preserve includes all phases of this landform’s turn of events, from uncovered sea shores to the peak rise backwoods.

Prepare your legs for some energetic strolling along the path arranged across the safeguarded hill land.

With its proximity to the stream, the reserve draws in birds from everywhere, including falcons, bald eagles, warblers, and seagulls.

Birdwatching is an unquestionable requirement in the beautiful Kitchel Lindquist Dunes Preserve, and it’s always a good place to spend time.

Address: 20001 Berwyck St. Grand Haven, MI 49417

6. Grand Haven Musical Fountain

Grand Haven Musical Fountain
Credits: Todd Maertz / Shutterstock
Grand Haven Musical Fountain

Music and lights take center stage in this glorious musical fountain in Grand Haven as it has entertained millions of visitors since its creation in 1962.

Visitors can feast their eyes with luminous water and a light show which can be added to the list of top things to do in Grand Haven, MI, with kids.

What’s more, this dancing fountain was once regarded as the largest musical fountain in the world for nearly four decades.

Sit back and relax for a 25-minute water fountain show to enjoy one of the tourists’ favorite attractions.

Mesmerize yourself with the world-class musical display and enjoy the beautiful scenery with your friends and family.

Regarding delightful places, it’s always nice to remember Grand Haven Musical Fountain as a good place to spend some time.

Address: 101 N. Harbor Dr. Grand Haven, MI 49417

7. Grand River Greenway

Grand River Greenway
Credits: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock

Ottawa County’s Grand River Greenway could be one of the sights to see with your tribe and pals for a mitigating trip near nature.

It presently has 2,700 land sections of land interfacing 14 parks along the Grand River.

Climate sweethearts would be rewarded knowing how the nation endeavors to extend the recreation area to cover about 9,000 sections of land.

In accordance with this objective, the Parks and Recreation Department raised $41 million to foster the recreation area.

Set out on the recreation area’s path by walking or biking for a relieving trip around the safeguarded lands.

Address: Grand River Greenway Spring Lake Township, Grand Haven, MI 49417

8. Midwest Miniatures Museum

Midwest Miniatures Museum
Credits: Midwest Miniatures Museum / Facebook
Midwest Miniatures Museum

Have you ever heard of a miniature museum? If it’s your first time hearing about it, it’s worth adding to your list of fun things to do in the city.

Midwest Miniatures Museum is a free museum that features many great scenes of the city of Grand Haven.

The museum is small, but every moment of the tour through it is rich and filled with wonderful miniature masterpieces.

Midwest Miniatures Museum was once on the Gilmore Car Museum and never ceases to amaze its visitors with its detailed miniatures.

If you’ve been wondering where you could take your kids for a great experience with them, the Midwest Miniatures Museum is just the place.

From small buildings to whole parks to various facilities, the Midwest Miniatures Museum has got it and is a great place to visit.

Address: 20 S 5th St, Grand Haven, MI 49417

9. Rosy Mound Natural Area

Rosy Mound Natural Area
Credits: FarmersFotos / Shutterstock
Rosy Mound Natural Area

Rosy Mound Natural Area is a unique sight that flaunts a 164-acre land surrounded by nature and protected dunes.

Ottawa County burned through $1.1 million to safeguard this regular diamond lying on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Reestablish your feeling of peace through an outing to this regular region encompassed by white pines, trees, sand, and a beautiful lake view.

Couples who need to disengage from the world for a brief period to appreciate each other can also have some good time here.

Ruddy Mound additionally permits you to hold wedding proposition, so visitors don’t have to wait to express their feelings to their loved ones.

Leaving the fact that you can get married in Rosy Mounds aside, visiting is worth adding to your list of fun things to do in Grand Haven, MI.

Address: 13925 Lakeshore Ave. Grand Haven, MI 49417

10. Escanaba Park

Escanaba Park
Credits: Coast Guard News / Flickr
Escanaba Park

Grand Haven encourages iron-clad binds with the United States Coast Guard over time, and Escanaba Park is here to demonstrate it.

The Army Corps of Engineers possesses the recreational area, yet Grand Haven right now rents it.

Escanaba Park got its name from one of the coast gatekeepers dispatched vessels utilized in the Second World War.

Through this park, children and grown-ups will find out about Escanaba’s mind-boggling history in a remarkable manner.

Kick off your little ones’ advantage in verifiable realities while they are as youthful as this place is worth adding to your list of fun things to do in Grand Haven, MI.

Take them to this park to figure out Escanaba’s starting points, have a refreshing sight of the lake, and bond with the entire pack.

Address: 673 S Harbor Dr. Grand Haven, MI 49417

11. Gallery Uptown

Gallery Uptown
Credits: Gallery Uptown / Facebook
Gallery Uptown

Gallery Uptown features the moving imaginative and social practice Grand Haven brings to the table.

It awards nearby specialists a compelling stage to share their specialty, soul, and heart with the world.

Finding indoor stuff to do while it’s pouring or cold won’t be a problem when you’re in the city.

You can open yourself to a staggering social excursion in Grand Haven, MI by simply visiting this display.

Look at the dazzling masterpieces inside the gallery which could incorporate compositions, glassworks, adornments, pottery, and, surprisingly, blended media.

Different sorts of artistry hanging around for you to appreciate as it’s one place worth adding to your list of best things to do in Grand Haven, MI.

Address: 201 Washington Ave. Grand Haven, MI 49417

12. Grand Haven City Beach

Grand Haven City Beach
Credits: Lydia Margaret / Shutterstock
Grand Haven City Beach

Michigan has for quite some time been well-known for its sandy sea shores ideal for any late spring get-away.

Sea shores in Grand Haven, including its notable state ocean side, offer a warm outing you will never forget.

You don’t need to get a booking in a five-star hotel room close to the seashore to have a great experience at the beach.

In Grand Haven, you can have a similarly thrilling trip on the shores of Lake Michigan without spending a solitary dime.

Swimming in this profoundly acclaimed state ocean side is one of the best things to do in Grand Haven, MI.

Feel the late spring heat as you stroll along the lake’s sandy shores. Get that perfect tan you’ve generally longed to have at the beach!

Address: South Harbor Dr. Grand Haven, MI 49417

13. Grand Haven State Park

Grand Haven State Park
Credits: The Global Guy / Shutterstock
Grand Haven State Park

Grand Haven State Park, located close to the shores of Lake Michigan, covers 48-acres of land.

It is a well-known region that gives admittance to a portion of the incredible attractions in Grand Haven.

Creating a list of fun things to do in Grand Haven, MI, may be difficult, assuming that your mates have various inclinations.

Things would be much less troublesome assuming that you visit Grand Haven State Park as it has something for everyone to do.

All your friends and family might want is available at the park—from swimming, volleyball to setting up camp and significantly more!

To those looking for more rush, try to load up your tent and save a spot at the campground inside the recreation area.

Address: 1001 Harbor Ave. Grand Haven, MI 49417.

14. Grand Haven Main Street

Grand Haven Main Street
Credits: G-Stock Studio / Shutterstock

Known as the midtown region, Main Street takes you to the core of the Coast Guard City.

One interesting thing about Main Street is that visitors can meet local people and experience their lifestyle like genuine Grand Haven residents.

Any excursion with loved ones would be deficient without a food trip, so you should add it to your list of things to do in Grand Haven, MI.

Grand Haven’s notable business locale houses many luxurious eateries and straightforward feasting regions for you.

Shopping regions and different foundations additionally speck the road to make it simple for explorers to look at every one of the midtown spots to visit in Grand Haven.

Fill your bellies with Grand Haven’s tasty food in the wake of meandering around the city and explore from one place to the other.

Address: 519 Washington Ave. Grand Haven, MI 49417

15. Tri-Cities Historical Museum

Tri-Cities Historical Museum
Credits: Michigan Municipal League / Flickr
Tri-Cities Historical Museum

As its name proposes, Tri-Cities Historical Museum presents the complex connection between three Michigan urban communities — Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Ferrysburg.

It effectively draws individuals to cement their association with these urban areas’ rich past. Explorers intrigued by historical legacy would have the greatest day here.

Driven by an unmistakable vision, this conventional historical center offers intriguing displays yearly to get you interested.

Explore through the gallery’s corridors to see, hear, and feel Michigan’s soul as the years progress.

Set way in to see safeguarded rocks, kayaks, logging camps, general stores, lodges, and, surprisingly, a Victorian-period feasting arrangement.

Devote a particular time for the historical center excursion to make the most out of it and add it to your list of things to do in Grand Haven, MI.

Address: 200 Washington Ave. Grand Haven, MI 49417

16. Imagination Station

Imagination Station
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock

Imagination Station has been a top decision for families with kids because of its exceptionally wide play region, which is estimated 10,000 square feet.

Outdoor playgrounds can deliver advancement benefits for your kid, like better-coordinated abilities, muscle strength, and actual wellbeing.

Visitors who have kids can allow them an opportunity to develop further through a pleasant recess and communication between their pairs.

Your children are allowed to run to experience every pleasant activity in Grand Haven, MI, with different kids.

You can slide from the treehouse or perhaps hold tight to the monkey bar, and your kids can also pick their own fun activity to engage in.

Visiting Imagination Station is one of the best things to do in Grand Haven, MI, and it’s a place you shouldn’t miss out on.

Address: 1 Y Drive Grand Haven, MI 49417

17. Pere Marquette 1223

Pere Marquette 1223
Credits: H. Michael Miley / Flickr
Pere Marquette 1223

Produced in 1941, Pere Marquette 1223 was instrumental during the Second World War.

It appeared in Grand Haven in 1981, so it formally became a focal point in the city, drawing many to see it daily.

It’s only one out of every odd day that you can get a potential chance to see a conflict time train very close.

Pere Marquette 1223 is one of the main two saved trains in the whole Superpower Berkshires armada, and it is in good condition to date.

Visitors are at liberty to take incredible photographs of this authentic milestone while walking around Grand Haven.

Visitors can also peruse a portion of the notes before the train to dive deeper into its huge past.

Address: 301 N Harbor Dr. Grand Haven, MI 49417

18. Fricano’s Pizza Tavern

Fricano’s Pizza Tavern
Credits: Fricano’s Pizza / Facebook
Fricano’s Pizza Tavern

Fricano’s Pizza Tavern was dubbed in 1949 as the primary pizza place in the whole territory of Michigan, creating its unique variant of outside pizza.

It has procured various honors added to its repertoire, and PMQ Pizza Magazine’s Hall of Fame grant is only one of them.

Fulfill your pizza desires from morning until night to understand what a bona fide pizza experience suggests a flavor is.

Request your number one dainty hull pizza to fill your belly with some flavorful food you will appreciate.

Pick anything between pepperoni, mushroom, anchovy, Italian wiener, and green pepper, or you can take them all!

Address: 1400 Fulton St. Grand Haven, MI 49417

19. Harbor Trolley

Harbor Trolley
Credits: Michigan Municipal League / Flickr
Harbor Trolley

Noteworthy Trolleys go on an outing to the renowned Grand Haven each late spring, and it’s a good place to enjoy your vacation.

It offers explorers, particularly families, a noteworthy midtown experience that provides a brief look at the city’s rich past.

Riding these outdated streetcars is one of the most fun things to do in Grand Haven, MI.

You can rapidly explore the midtown region through these streetcars in a matter of minutes without breaking a sweat.

Visitors can board the train along its course in three regions — Downtown Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg.

Partake in a pleasant city ride with your friends and family as you decide to go through the astounding city of Grand Haven.

Address: 440 North Ferry Street Grand Haven, MI 49417

20. Crystal Blue Cruises

Crystal Blue Cruises
Credits: Olesia Bilkei / Shutterstock

Crystal Blue Cruises is the kind of place you’d want to visit if you don’t mind getting on a cruise ship and enjoying the ride.

Without a doubt, most cruise ship experiences are always one that can never be forgotten in haste, and they should be spent with friends and family.

Captain Kim and Captain Paul lead the Crystal Blue Cruises, making every moment on their ship blissful.

They have the perfect mixture of professionalism and the personal touch of friendship and adventure to go with their personalities.

If you have kids, the Crystal Blue Cruises is still an excellent place to visit and enjoy the ride, as they’re sure to love the beautiful scenery on the water.

Without a doubt, Crystal Blue Cruises is a great place to spend time with your loved ones and family members. You can also get married on the cruise.

Address: Grand Haven, MI, USA.

21. Grand Armory Brewing Company

Grand Armory Brewing Company
Credits: Jag_cz / Shutterstock

Are you searching for an excellent place to have fun and drink with your friends? Then, Grand Armory Brewing Company is the place to be.

Anyone who loves to have a drink will love the industrial vibe of this place. There are a lot of good samples to choose from at the brewery.

Visitors can sit at the bar, sample some of the beers, and find a couple of drinks they like.

Their version of nachos is worth a try, and it’s always heart-warming to be with your friends having a good drink.

The Grand Armory Brewing Company also has live performances for those looking forward to a great time at their bar.

As far as breweries go, the Grand Armory Brewing Company is one of the best places to spend time with friends.

Address: 17 S 2nd St, Grand Haven, MI 49417-3328

22. Blueberry Haven

Blueberry Haven
Credits: Michigan Municipal League / Flickr
Blueberry Haven

Blueberry Haven is the best place to visit if you love fruits, especially if you’re a vegetarian. There’s something for everyone here.

The owner of Blueberry Haven is Sue, and she is incredible! Visitors are sure to have an amazing experience at this shop.

Sue is knowledgeable, helpful, and has remarkable advice for those who want to take their blueberry treats to their home.

One unmistakable feature of the place is how visitors can never get enough of walking in and smelling the blueberry scent from everything!

The chocolate-covered blueberries are delicious, and Yogurt blueberries are good also. Kids like blueberry pop, and blueberry coffee is also good.

Blueberry Haven is a fun store to explore, although only two tiny bowls are offered as samples. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent place to enjoy blueberry treats!

Address: 213 Washington Ave, Grand Haven, MI 49417-1356

23. Grand Haven Room Escape

Grand Haven Room Escape
Credits: Fer Gregory / Shutterstock

Are you looking for a fun activity? Then, visit Grand Haven Room Escape room! Visitors are sure to have a blast in “The Attic.”

The story and clues are spot on and very creative, so visitors can enjoy the experience and get the genuine feel of an adventure.

The staff are lovely and go above and beyond to come on holiday for its visitors.

It is a very clean facility, and they follow appropriate safety guidelines related to covid, so it’s always safe to return.

If you’re a thrill seeker looking for something interesting to do with your friends or family, try out this escape room.

There are a few themes to the escape room game, and they all promise a grand experience as you put heads together to crack the puzzles. Do visit!

Address: 1051 Jackson St, Grand Haven, MI 49417-1137

Plan a Trip to Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven is one remarkable place to visit if you’re in Michigan, as there’s never a dull moment in the city.

From great parks to beautiful landmarks as well as interesting getaways and nature tails, Grand Haven got ll it takes to give you a memorable vacation experience.

Undoubtedly, Grand Haven is one of the best places to visit and have fun with your friends and family. Start planning a visit today!

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